About us

Schmidt & Co., (Hong Kong) Limited is one of the leading system integrators and proprietary product providers in Asia.

We offer innovative yet competent Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC), Mobile as well as Information Management solutions based on a variety of technology platforms such as Barcode, RFID, Voice Recognition, Biometrics technologies, Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications to optimize business processes and simplify people’s lives in all kinds of way.

Corporate Overview

Schmidt & Co., (Hong Kong) Limited, a subsidiary of Schmidt Electronics Group, was re-established in 1953 and has since built an enviable reputation in IT and electronic industries in Asia Pacific region. Today, Schmidt has become a leading system integrator and proprietary product provider offering innovative yet competent Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC), Mobile as well as Information Management solutions.

Schmidt makes life simple by bringing together Barcode, RFID, Voice Recognition, Biometrics technologies, Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications, to facilitate the creation of real-time information infrastructure, that helps customers optimize business processes, drive growth and improve their work and life efficiencies.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we currently operate 15 regional offices across Asia, including key cities in China, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, giving our customers the benefits of strong local presence with the promised regional support and consistently high quality of services.

1. Mission

Our mission is to use our expertise and solutions to simplify people’s lives in all kinds of ways.

2. Excellence

At all times, we are in pursuit of excellence and delivering the best in-class services and distinct values to our customers to enhance their quality of life through our well-established local knowledge, regional network and global technology.

3. Responsible Company

We are a responsible company who cares for our customers, employees and community based on the sustainable relationship that is built on a basis of integrity, honesty and responsibility.

4. Innovation

We put innovation as the very first priority in our business agenda as we realize it is one of the keys to lead our way. We bring together creativity, wisdom and expertise to continuously exceed our performance, meet each challenge and take hold of every chance that comes to our way.

5. Growth

We further consolidate our company’s position in the field of Data Capture and Information Management and achieve a sustained growth.

Company Structure

Schmidt & Co., (Hong Kong) has a strong presence in Asia Pacific region, with over 15 offices in 8 countries, including 9 offices in the key cities of China. Our head office is located in Hong Kong, an international financial hub, which mainly focuses on corporate strategy, compliance functions and operating support for other regions.

The company maintains a simple yet effective management structure, based on the three following scopes that work together closely to provide a total solution for its customers.

Wireless Communication Unit is active in Asia Pacific and has been enjoying the reputation as a leading distributor of wireless telecommunication products and a total solution provider in the region. The Unit distributes wireless modules, components and infrastructure that facilitate high-speed high-quality information communications and also develops its specialized range of wireless products and OEM products through its two R&D Centres in Singapore and Taiwan.

Auto-ID Unit specializes in innovative solutions of Barcoding and Mobile Computing. It distributes and integrates applications for many world-class vendors such as Zebra in Greater China and SE Asia. The division also develops its own range of proprietary software for asset tracking and management, warehouse management, route sales management, mobile proof of delivery and software solutions for customized applications.

The Competence Centre is established to harness new technologies and integrate them into our existing platform. The Centre has a well-established team of highly skilled professionals working on RFID hardware and software development and recently has extended its expertise in voice-directed applications and biometrics businesses.