Asset Management Solution
Deliver accurate inventory and effective management of critical assets with minimal operation costs

Enterprises face challenges in managing their critical assets effectively. Various types of asset such as laptops, hardware computers, audio-visual instruments, tables and chairs are moving around in workplace without control and monitoring every day. Lost, misplacement, sat idle or underused of assets may result in a considerable amount of money for enterprises. Practically, it is time consuming and resource demanding to search and maintain asset inventory.

Our unique Asset Management Solution supports both barcode and RFID data capture technologies which is able to track the critical assets accurately and eliminate paper-based work to keep update records electronically. It facilities the process of managing the asset life cycle from purchase, repair, maintenance to disposal. User can retrieve precise and timely information such as asset location, movement history and utilization via a centralized portal application. In addition, significant reduce inventory time can be proven owing to no line-of-sight RFID data capturing technology. The rule-based system design enables enterprises to create their own regulations and processes to prevent and alert of any unauthorized access to the critical assets.

Overall asset visibility should be greatly increased and enterprises can benefit from reducing time and resources to track and locate any misplaced or lost of assets.

System Components

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
Instant locate mission-critical assets to eliminate service downtime

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) enables automatic identification and location tracking of assets or people accurately within a specific area on real-time basis. The Wi-Fi based system is designed to maximize assets utilization, optimize workflow performance and improve operational decision- making.

Our mission-critical system translates raw location data into interactive dynamic maps which gives a user-friendly interface to enterprises clearly to locate and monitor the tags. Moreover, enterprises can establish their own business rules to enable event-based alerts for any unauthorized exit or entrance in specific areas. And the advanced reporting module provides comprehensive analysis reports including asset movement history and asset utilization.

The robust design gives enterprises the flexibility to program the tag transmission interval where it can be configured appropriately depending on how often the tag movement is required to keep track.

RTLS can be used in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, supply chain and logistics, healthcare, industrial and retail applications. The technologies transform operational processes and procedures in the industries in which location determination and tracking on real-time is crucial.

System Components

Supply Chain Track and Trace Solution
Increase overall information visibility and traceability for better decision making

The complex distribution networks of supply chain and logistics are prone to product counterfeiting. With the use of Supply Chain Track and Trace Solution, which applies a unique RFID or serialized barcode identifier on items, packages, cases or pallets, the industry-wide concerns can be effectively resolved by providing a reliable product pedigree as it contains the traceable history of each ownership change along the supply chain.

Furthermore, it gives total transparency via a real-time centralized platform for information sharing to all related stakeholders across the entire supply chain, from sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, to wholesaling, and to Point-of-Sales (POS).

Compliant with industry best practices, our turnkey solutions meet the mandate of global standard and interoperate with various legacy systems. With the provision of real-time information, a reliable product authenticity can be ensured with accurate and better control of inventory.

System Components

Document Management Solution
Eliminate time-consuming manual search and the potential loss of critical document

Locating critical files and documents such as juridical articles, forensic evidence, financial documents and medical records is one of the greatest challenges in workplace today. Temporarily misplaced of files or documents can lead to waste of time and productivity, a serious problem can be even caused due to sensitive files or documents are being stolen, tampered or lost.

RFID enables the most effective way to eliminate the time consuming of file searching. The revolutionary technology transforms typical paper-based and manual searching system to a digitized system that fully automated the process of file tracking and positioning with the provision of instant inventory and document location. The rule-based access control design of our Document Management Solution gives enterprises the flexibility to define their own businesses regulations to monitor the document by activating real-time alerts for any unauthorized exit or overdue document. It also supports records management, movement tracking, inventory counts as well as providing all associated management reports.

The reliable solution not only reinforces overall security control of document but also enables dynamic workflows for enterprises to better manage the document.

System Components