I-Class MArk II

I-Class Mark II is a family of mid-range industrial barcode printers designed for a wide variety of industrial barcode-printing applications, including:

• Shippingandreceiving • Pharmacylabeling • Productidentification • Assettracking

With a legendary reputation in the industry as a high-quality printer, I-Class Mark II is competitively priced, reliable, and easy to integrate. The I-Class Mark II printer is positioned as the mid-level industrial printer between the compact M-Class Mark II or PD series and the high-performance H-Class or PX series.

The I-Class Mark II is loaded with many standard features, such as a fast processor, large memory, a wide selection of communication ports, and IntelliSEAQTM. Honeywell’s IntelliSEAQ printhead features advanced thermal control to provide sophisticated diagnostics. It also has advanced SEAQ (Sequential Energy Adjustment for Quality) for improved print quality, and

a durable coating for better abrasion resistance and longer life. Printhead replacement is reduced, which increases printer uptime. Users will also notice a substantial reduction in power consumption.

The versatile I-Class Mark II printers can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications with a range of media compatibility, connectivity, emulation support, and options. I-Class Mark II offers a complete range of printers with 203-, 300-, and 600-dpi models. It’s a compelling value in the mid-level industrial printer class.

Businesses looking for an alternative to Zebra® label printers can choose Honeywell I-Class printers and have peace of mind that they will seamlessly integrate with all existing business systems requiring the Zebra ZPL II® printer command language. Based on exhaustive analysis of customer

The I-Class Mark II can easily keep up with high-speed, demanding label applications. With a state-of-the-art processor, the throughput
of the printer is very fast. Its modular design facilitates adding and/or changing options with ease, making it easy to upgrade and reconfigure for business growth.

scripts over 15 years, Honeywell’s I-Class printers include ZSim2 emulation. It is well-tested, includes comprehensive support for ZPL II commands,
and font matching. This makes upgrading to a Honeywell I-Class printer easy.

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  • Modular design allows for user field-upgradeable options like thermal transfer and internal rewinder.

  • Communication ports include serial, parallel, USB, LAN, and two USB Host ports and an SDIO, WLAN, and GPIO interface card.

  • Graphic display includes an easy-to-read 7-button 128 x 64 LCD display for user-friendly label configuration.

  • Rugged construction features a gear-driven design and durable die-cast aluminum frame.

  • Wide printhead access makes the I-Class Mark II easy to maintain with quick printhead and platen roller replacement.